Human is Filth is comprised solely of myself, Tom. I started Human is Filth in 2001 after a few years of not having created anything new for my first project, Kevlar Condom. Kevlar Condom was also a solo project that I created in 1996. The style of noise I was making back then was vastly different from Human is Filth and was only done to see what I could do as I had just been introduced to noise shortly before starting Kevlar Condom.

My sonic influences are primarily harsh noise, power electronics, and death industrial. I don't try to come up with one uniform sound. I experiment with my equipment to see what I can produce and the results are often the result of exploration with little to no specific sonic intent. Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at tom[at]ulniindustries[dot]com.


Fresh Meat for the Masses CD-R 2001 (self-released)
It's the Smiles... Business-card CD-R 2002(self-released)
Recycled CS 2002 (RRRecords)
VA: Harsh Action Enlightenment [three tracks] CD-R 2002 (NCC/Shturmovik Song)
Destroys Emil Beaulieau CD-R 2003 (RRRecords)
Moxie CS 2004 (self-released)
VA: An End to Masterpieces 2xCS recorded 2001/released 2004 (Primate Electronics)
VA: New England 5xLP 2004 (RRRecords)


Live Appearances:
Human is Filth, Donna Parker, Emil Beaulieau
Sunday 04-28-02
RRRecords, Lowell, MA

Emil Beaulieau, Human is Filth, Prurient, Skin Crime, Slogun, Stimbox, Viodre, R.H.Y. Yau
Saturday 01-25-03
The Berwick, Roxbury, MA

Emil Beaulieau and Human is Filth
Thursday 05-15-03
Sine Qua Noise radio show, WMBR at MIT, Cambridge, MA

Rotten Piece, Karlheinz, Human is Filth, Emil Beaulieau, Immaculate:Grotesque, Gold
Monday 05-19-03
The Berwick, Roxbury, MA

Human is Filth
Monday 05-03-04
Live from the Fallout Shelter, WUML and UML, Lowell, MA

Xome, Emil Beaulieau, Prurient, Laundryroom Squelchers, Sickness, Vartan, Human is Filth, Karlheinz, Negative Time, Zero Times Infinity, Immaculate Grotesque
Friday 06-25-04
Chaos Cafe - Worcester Artist Group, Worcester, MA

Emil Beaulieau, Xome, Prurient, Human is Filth
Monday 06-28-04
RRRecords, Lowell, MA